Daytona Rolex 24

This is the link to the Daytona website to register to the event. Register before December 1st to save $10 per person.  The dates are January 3rd to the 4th 2014.  We will have access to the pits and see how the teams work and test the cars.  Remember to bring ear plugs it can get loud.  Feel free to contact Felix, Nathan, or Kevin if you have any questions.

Camp La-No-Che

The Pack will be going to the Halloween Camp out the weekend of the 18th. Camp La-No-Che address is: 41940 Boy Scout Road, Paisley, it is about an hour from Clermont. To register click here.  You can either camp or go as a day guest, bring  your meal or eat at their mess hall.  They also have a concession stand. Webelos and Arrow of Light parents, please let us know if you are attending Friday night, since Troop 20 have invited us fro some snacks.  Feel free to contact Felix, Nathan, or Kevin if you have any questions.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year………

Ok, maybe that is a stretch but it is the start of Cub Scout meetings and that is a great time of the year. We will once again come together to learn, play, and grow starting August 27th. So come join us at the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in their Social Hall from 6:30-7:30pm and see why I am so excited. If you are an existing member of the pack, welcome back. If you are new to scouting or our pack 20, I am looking forward to meeting you too.


Nathan Focht

Pack Committee Chair

Are You Ready to JUMP to the next Scout year!!!

Summer is almost over!!!!!!! So lets celebrate the end of the summer and the beginning of a new scout year. This Saturday the 17th, is the last summertime activity. We will be meeting at Skyzone for a jump session from 10am to 11am. Please make sure to be there by 9:45 to fill out a waiver and pay ($8). If you have not filled out a waiver or think yours may have expired, please visit their website to fill out an online waiver. See you there!!! If you have any questions please let Felix, Nathan, or Kevin know.

Webelos Activity Badge Camp

We had to change the venue of our camp due to the weather we had the last couple of weeks. The ranch is more like a swamp right now and is full of mosquitoes, and other critters might be around as well. The camp will be held in the Youth area of Lake Louisa Park instead, at the same time, 9:AM.

Please contact me if you have any questions,