Upcoming Events

Hello Parents,

We have a few events coming up that I want to make sure you have on your calendar. These are in addition to our normal Tuesday meetings.

Scouting for Food – This is a great morning event for the boys to better the lives of those in our community. The first weekend is November 1st and we will meet at the Racetrack at HWY 27 & Citrus Tower by 9:00am. The boys will be sent out in groups to place bags in designated neighborhoods. The process will only take from 1 to 3 hours of your day.
The second weekend we will meet at the same place and time on November 8th. This time we will walk the same areas to collect (hopefully full) bags of food. They will all be collected and then we will all go together to the collection point so the boys can see the power they have to produce a small mountain of food. This time it will take a bit longer if you join us at the collection point but it is still just a few hours.

Tiger Growl – This is Tiger Den only and gives the your guys a chance to rule La No Che as they camp with all of their orange brothers. This event is November 21-23.

Yours In Scouting,
Nathan Focht


Cub family day/weekend has been postponed, and will NOT be this weekend, Oct 17-19.


Amy D is still looking for plastic containers. Peanut butter, mayo, peanuts, clorox wipes work the best but I’m not picky. It needs to be plastic, wide mouth so a kid can put their hand in it, and a screw on lid. PLEASE LOOK THROUGH YOUR PANTRY, CUPBOARDS, AND GARAGE. PLEASE BRING THEM IN ON THURSDAY! THANKS!

Leader Meeting, Roundtable Meeting next week!

Leaders, mark your calendars for next week! Leader meeting on Tuesday, 10/14 at 7:30 p.m. Roundtable meeting on Thursday, 10/16 at 7:00 p.m.

For more information on Cub Halloween Weekend (Oct 10-12), please visit camplanoche.com .

Get info, pay, etc. Please list yourself with Central Florida, Apopka Shores, Pack 20 so that they can put you with the rest of your pack! LaNoChe only lists specific times for check-in on Friday and Saturday. Please inquire with them if you’re expecting to arrive late on Friday night.